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To introduce the 60 * 97 horizontal stile and rail door assembly press. Featuring a double screw operation, with a self-squaring device on the opposite side of the operator station. Additionally, the machine had a center support to allow the stile and rail door to be assembled from the inside out.


  • When the foot controls are not pressed there is no power to the motor and the press stops
    There is no over-squeeze or idle pressure when power is not applied. At the right side of the machine there is a stop gauge that can be set for the various door widths. When set, they stop the power to the motor. The door is no longer under pressure.

  • Emergency stop
    There are lubricators for both sides of the press, insuring the moving parts are lubricated. A light located on the electric connection box indicates " power on" Foot pedals are set on a stand with an Emergency Stop.

  • Minimum Order: Negotiable



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